Service Area

For the purpose of fire protection, Warren Township is divided into 4 districts – one for each fire company in Town.  District 3, Community’s service area, encompasses the easternmost part of Warren, from Old Stirling Road east to the Watchung border (adjacent to Hillcrest Road), and north to the Passaic River / Long Hill border.

Included in this area are approximately 2 miles of I-78 and the ramps for exit #40.  Alarms to the Interstate are handled differently than those to residential or commercial streets.  The determining factor for which Company is requested to an incident is often based upon ease of access and not strictly geographic location.  Warren has within its borders 7 miles and 3 sets of entrance/exit ramps to I-78 located at miles 33, 36 and 40.  The Interstate highway accounts for a large percentage of the motor vehicle related incidents to which we respond in a given period of time.

Although District 3 is our primary response district, we provide services to the entire Township on a daily basis.  The delineation of service areas helps prevent overlapping fundraising efforts by the different fire companies, an even distribution of fire fighting resources across the Town and a sense of community in the various neighborhoods of Warren.