Membership in the Fire Company is divided into two categories, Firematic and Associate. Firematic members and officers are the fire and emergency arm of the Company. They are responsible for all firefighting operations including response, equipment maintenance and training. Associate members are not involved in day to day fire fighting operations, but are instead responsible for fund raising, community relations, building maintenance and non-emergency events like parades and hall rentals. They represent the non-profit, corporate arm of the Fire Company.

All members are considered part of the Association regardless of their firefighting status. As an incorporated non-profit agency in the State of New Jersey, we maintain a roster of Administrative Officers and Trustees who are responsible for the fiscal well-being of the Company and appropriate management and distribution of donated funds.

Fire operations are conducted under the supervision of the Chief of the Warren Township Volunteer Fire Department (WTVFD), who is elected by his or her peers, the active firefighters of all four Fire Companies in Warren. This is based on the bylaws of the WTVFD, an agent of the Township of Warren. Each Company has its own staff of fire officers, elected from the Company body, who direct Company-wide fire operations.

Active Firefighter:

Requirements: 18+ years of age and of good health and moral character. All active firefighters are trained to a minimum standard set forth by the Division of Fire Safety, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, see Training (Link).   Minimum annual alarm and drill attendance is required for continued active status.

Probationary Firefighter:

All new members to the company are considered Probationary/Exterior until they have successfully completed basic firefighter training and have been cleared for duty by the Township’s physician.

Junior Firefighter:

Young adults between ages 16 and 18 are encouraged to join the Fire Company as Junior Members. State labor laws protect juveniles from performing certain tasks (such as interior firefighting operations) – but there is plenty to learn and plenty of other jobs to do on a fireground. A large share of our current staff began their career as Junior Firefighter and have never looked back. Juniors are sent to the Somerset County Fire Academy for basic fire training. At the age of 18 and with training completed, Junior Firefighters are promoted to Active/Interior status.

Associate Member:

Non-firefighting position designed to support the emergency role of the Fire Company. Membership is open to all Township residents who wish to support the fire services but are not capable, or do not wish to perform the strenuous task of fighting fires.

Life Member:

Long-term members may be voted to the status of Life Member in recognition of their continued service to their community

The membership meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm. If you are looking at becoming a member or volunteering your time in any way, feel free to stop by.